New Parts

We are constantly expanding our range of Reproduction Parts for Indian Motorcycles. Currently, we are proud to offer the following items. If you desire a certain part, use this information request form located  Here!

Click for larger picture A inside view of Prince parts book. $25 
Click for larger picture Reprint of the 1925-1928 Indian Prince motorcycle oarts and picture lists. Black and white diagrams of parts groups. 63 pages of 8x11 inch size. $25 
Click for larger picture another view of the adapter $40 
Click for larger picture Special made pinion adapter to fit all scout pinions and 101's from 1929 to 1945. This allows the chief flywheels to fit the scout bottom end. Brand new 4130 steel. Comes with one key and one adapter. $40 
Click for larger picture New Indian motorcycle, Generator cover, all Prince models. $75.00 
Click for larger picture Brand new chainguard for 1926-1928 Prince Indian motorcycles $165 
Click for larger picture This is a set of 8 3/16 thick cylinder base washers made from 304 stainless steel and designed to spread the torque load over the whole cylinder flange to increase the demands of a "HOT" engine. Designed by ny father. $50.00 
Click for larger picture Another view of rear hub repair 
Click for larger picture This is a weld on sprocket drive repair section to be used on all scout, 741 and junior scout rear wheels. Directions included or can be sentr here and let me repair your wheel. $100.00 
Click for larger picture Rear view of Pierce shirt 
Click for larger picture A 100 % correct reproduction of Gary Compasso's, Idaho, 1967 original Pierce T-shirt. Comes in White or ash Gray as shown. This is front side. FREE SHIPPING IN USA, International shipping slightly higher $20.00$20.00
Click for larger picture And the back side as well. 
Click for larger picture Be a proud owner of an original Dream Catcher racing t shirt and support our effort to go to Bonneville this year. $25 , with FREE SHIPPING$25.00
Click for larger picture Here is a motorcycle sized license plate of our favorite marque, The Indian, comes with an autograph on back and painted as shown. Be a proud sponsor of our trip in 2011 $50.00
Click for larger picture Back side of 2011 shirt$25.00
Click for larger picture Here is our new shirt design for BUB 2011, come in M,L,XL, 2XL. Shipping is included in the shirt price of $25. Gray short sleeve printed on front and back. Front side here$25.00
Click for larger picture This is an exact duplicate of Sammy Pierce's Indian sales T shirt copied from my original of his San gabriel dealership shirt. The legend himself, Sam Pierce, a dedicated Indian rider and promoter. The back carries his famous slogan of worlds fastest flatheads as well. You will see in next PIC. $5 shipping in USA and $8 shipping international. Sizes M, L, XL and 2XL$20.00
Click for larger picture Indian Prince Rubber foot pegs, new rubber only, $75$75.00
Click for larger picture 1934 Indian Chief rear brake shoes with new linings being ground to a precision fit 
Click for larger picture riveting brake linings to Indian shoes 
Click for larger picture We are pleased to announce that we will now begin to turn Indian brske drums using Clem Murdaugh's old brake lathe. Turning the drums to an oversize will run about $30 a wheel. We will also be able to turn the druns without taking the wheel apart. As an extra we are briging Clem's brake shoe grinder out of the shelves and will be able to reline your shoes with a modern new lining from Scan Trak and grind them on our fixtures ti fit your new drum sizefro an additional charge. Watch for future postings 
Click for larger picture Now you can use HD xl rods in your Indian stroker and have some strength instead of using the stock spindly Indian rods. This PIC is early into production, before going to heat treat and grind. Look for these soon. Will also be avaibable to use KR or XR rods $125 available now 
Click for larger picture Need a special casting or a one off weldment to complete your restoration and no one rteproduces the part yopu need. We can replicate most castings as a weldment provided with accurate measurements. Here is a Hedstrom pedal crank/clutch weldment to attach it to a frame of an OHV prince. 
Click for larger picture Socket head screws are avaibable in the 12/24 thread for your Indian cam cover. Set of 8 for scouts and a set of 12 for chiefs 
Click for larger picture Here is another view of the rods.$1,200.00
Click for larger picture Here's another view of a 1937 Scout cylinder after it was welded in oven to repair a cracked cylinder base. This is prior to being machined and samded to remove the welding traces. after the base is machined square to the top it will be bored to accept a cylinder sleeve to restore your cylinder 
Click for larger picture We are proud to offer our welding services to repair cracked cylinder bases, fin repair and valve seat cracks to bore. All repairs are done with Nickel rod. First they are heated in heat treat oven then hammer welded with nickel rod and allowed to slowly cool in the heat treat oven. After welding of bases or valve seats, the cylinders are machined square and re sleeved with a new cylinder liner to orginal standard size of scout or chief cylinder. In the instance of the crack at valve seat, the cylinder gets a new valve seat to remove the stress on the weld of the compression gases. All fin repairs are domne with steel fins that are cut to fit and welded on ends of repair. The repair is alnost undetectable on an assembled engine unless you are really looking for it. 
Click for larger picture SOON TO COME 40-42 Indian Sport Scout Tall Fin Heads, We will soon offer these new produced heads in a lost wax investment casting as machined matched pairs. Will offer as unmachined if any interest 
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